Power Equipment

Kohler Generators

When power goes out, you don't have to wait and stay in the dark while the power companies frantically run back and forth. You can have power now using one of our Kohler gas-powered generators.

Oregon Cordless Power Tools

Maintaining your lawn or garden is easy when you own Oregon cordless power tools. From cordless leaf blowers to trimmers, these lightweight tools make lawn maintenance effortless.

Mantis Tillers

With Mantis tillers by your side, you will never have to break your back shoveling. These tillers, powered by Honda engines, make tilling a breeze. We also have Mantis Little Wonder Blowers at our store.
Efco Blower

Keep Your Lawn Free of Dried Leaves With Efco Blowers

Whether you are a farmer or an individual, Efco products offer high standards and reliability. The same goes for their leaf blowers, which always get the job done.
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You can trust our friendly staff members to suggest the right power equipment for you based on your needs.
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